Total Baker Documentation

Trace: samples

Tutorial: samples

Using Total Baker is easier than you may think! Once you have learned what the different parameters do, you can setup your bakes in less than a minute. A good way to become productive with Total Baker is to see it in action with sample models and configurations, eventually modifying them later.

You can download the Total Baker Samples package which contains 8 models (high+low poly) each with a ready-to-use configuration file. Once you import this package into your project, you will be able to open the configurations and immediately start a bake to see the results.

Here's a very tiny step-by-step tutorial to do your first bake:

  1. Navigate to the Assets/Total Baker Samples folder
  2. Choose one of the sample folders and open the scene in it.
  3. Open Total Baker by clicking on Tools → Total Baker → Open Total Baker
  4. Total Baker will load the baking settings stored in the TB Scene game object.
  5. Press the Bake button.
  6. Look how the lowpoly model looks after the generated textures have been applied to it.
  7. Save the results using the Save Textures button
  8. Done!